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Stephane Jimenez Bottier


Bootmaker (noun) Historically one who makes and sells boots. Now refers to the crafting of bespoke shoes and boots.” Dictionnaire Larousse

From our first conversation to the delivery of your order, every aspect of your project is taken care of in our workshop : measurements, elaboration of a custom made wooden last, leathers selection, pattern drawing, stitching and assembly. Our craft serves your imagination every step of the way. Without limits.

Every day, we hold true to our commitment to take no shortcuts, and make no compromise in the crafting of your shoes. This is how we boil this traditional craft down to its purest form, Art, all in the service of exceptional workmanship.

Stephane Jimenez Bottier


Already a trained Cobbler-Bootmaker, Stephane Jimenez joins the Compagnons du Devoir et du Tour de France in 1988. Here, at the Lodge, among masters in the techniques of traditional craftsmanship, he will be handed over the living legacy of this ancestral savoir-faire.

Received by his peers in 1995, he will take his talent to prestigious workshops such as John Lobb’s in Paris, or Stefano Bemer’s in Florence. But it is Bordeaux, his hometown, that will be chosen for his own workshop, where he will take these experiences to the next level.

His new workshop has been completely redesigned and dedicated to an uncompromising Bespoke experience. Each of his creations is the fulfillment of a life of passion and craft.

What leaves Stephane’s workshop isn’t just an object. It is a dream come true, and a very real piece of the people that brought it to the world.

“We are but the hand that strolls,
Between your dreams and our tools.” SJ



First meeting with Stephane, first exchange about your project. After a presentation of model foots with different characteristics, you will get to express your wishes : skins, colors, shape and construction, patterns and finishing touches. We then go to the measurements themselves, the first step on the road to your desires, and to a second encounter : the fitting. Whether in one of your favorite places, or in the salon of a beautiful appartment, these are exclusive as well as confidential moments.


Chip by chip, the hand guides the chisel against the beech wood block. The last is refined by the grater, followed by finer and finer sandpapers, to become this unique model that will be used to assemble a prototype, the trial fitting pair. These allow you to evaluate the look and feel of your future pair, and tell us where adjustments can be provided in order to reach perfection. Your lasts will also be used to craft your unique shoe trees, in collaboration with a master tree maker.


After receiving your choice of patina, and an ultimate beauty treatment, your custom shoes and shoe trees huddle inside their pouches and find their way into their wooden cases, already housing the essentials for caring them. Hand delivered for a last encounter, or securely shipped all over the world by our qualified logistics partners, the fulfillment of your project, forged in the crucible of a hundred manual operations, goes from the hand that made it to the heart that dreamt it.

In our workshop


After a rigorous selection of skins from the best traditional tanneries, we isolate through careful scrutiny the noblest pieces from these exceptional skins. The pieces that will make up your shoes stem and linings are chiseled, then perforated according to your specifications, before being readied for sewing.


Nail by nail, the leather stretches on your last, and the lines of your shoes take on a life of their own. We then add the welt, assemble the soles and heels. After a series of meticulous operations, the last is extracted from your shoes, which are now ready for finishing touches before they leave for their new home.


Now comes the time to assemble the pieces of leather that will become the stem and lining of your shoes. This extremely delicate operation is carried out in our workshop, and already confers unrivaled quality to your pair.





Bordeaux, France

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